Brexit & Shipping to the EU​

As you know, the UK has left the EU. We are shipping to all EU countries, Switzerland and Norway, but please be aware of the following changes.

1. We deduct 20% UK VAT from our UK prices. You will be shown the net prices on our website. The same net price is used for all countries outside the UK. Our website will detect your country and should automatically deduct the UK VAT from the prices. If this has not happened automatically, don’t worry: When you enter the destination country in the checkout, UK VAT will be deducted at this point.

2. The shipping charge is for the delivery to you (DDU – Delivered Duties Unpaid) but does not include any other charges (see point 3 & 5). We include the necessary Customs Declaration & Commercial Invoice with the shipment.

3. When the order arrives in your country, you must pay your local VAT. For example in Lithuania 23%, France 20% etc. The carrier will also charge for customs clearance. For orders sent by post, this is approximately €3.50 to €10, depending on your country. For orders sent by courier, the charges may be higher. You must pay the VAT, Duty (see 4,5) and clearance charges to the postal service or the courier before delivery.

4. If your order is for items with EU or UK origin there is NO DUTY to pay.

5. For items manufactured outside the EU or UK (for example our Japanese kimono), if the value of your order (including shipping) is less than €150 there is NO DUTY to pay . Orders over this amount may be charged import duties. If this is charged, expect to pay 10%-12% extra.

6. Returns: We will send you information on the correct procedure to return items to us. You are responsible for the return postage. We are unable to refund VAT, Duty or clearance charges. If the correct procedure is not followed, any extra costs may be deducted from your refund.

If you have any questions about delivery to the EU, please contact us.