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Men's Leather Gloves​

noun, /ɡlʌv/

Whether you're looking for elegant unlined gloves for the city, rugged rancher gloves or anything in between, we can help.

Working with the UK and Europe's finest glove makers, we can offer unique styles and colours you won't find anywhere else. Our gloves are made in super soft nappa leather, nubuck or deerskin and lined in wool, cashmere, fleece or fur. For the four wheeled enthusiast, we also carry a healthy selection of driving gloves so you can cruise in comfort. For the perfect fit, you may wish to check our sizing guide.

About Our Kimono

Kimono are traditional Japanese garments and still the national dress of Japan today. We use Kimono as an umbrella term for our Japanese Happi and Yukata, which are made in lightweight, unlined cotton.

Our Kimono for men are made especially for Tom Dick & Harry in Kyoto in a variety of fabrics: cotton, broadcloth and silk. As such, they are easy to wash and care for, and fold miraculously well – making them excellent travel companions. No more plain hotel dressing gowns! Offering an unmatched luggage space/luxury ratio, you’ll want to have one with you everywhere you go.

All our Men’s Kimono are delivered with a self tie belt in the matching fabric, which is sewn inside the sleeve on delivery. Kimono are traditionally worn with a wide Obi belt, which we can also supply in Red, Black or Navy. 

Kimono are traditionally worn with the left hand side over the right (only the recently deceased are dressed right over left!).