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noun, /ˈlaʊndʒ.weər/

Loose comfortable clothing, designed especially for relaxing at home. Consider our Japanese dressing gowns and Kimono for something a bit more interesting... lightweight and comfortable, they're perfect for pottering around the house or making morning tea.

Loungewear at Tom Dick & Harry:

We carefully select the best patterns and finest fabrics for our selection of loungewear – even if it means having it made especially for us! From our own label dressing gowns and Kimono, to luxurious UK brands such as Bown of London and British Boxers, we’re here to help you find something you’ll love.

We import our Japanese Kimono direct from Kyoto to ensure the best price and quality. We use Kimono as an umbrella term for our Japanese Dressing Gowns and Yukata, which are made in lightweight, unlined cotton. Our Japanese dressing gowns (or Happi to be precise) are a shorter calf length design: a fun twist on western dressing gowns available in a dazzling array of designs.  Our Japanese Yukata more closely resemble traditional Kimono, being slightly longer (typically ankle length). Yukata are a sub-category of Kimono; they were originally worn as bathrobes and were a more casual form of Kimono. They are both easy to wash and care for, and fold miraculously well – making them excellent travel companions. No more plain hotel dressing gowns! Offering an unmatched luggage space/luxury ratio, you’ll want to have one with you everywhere you go.